FREIGHT - Short Film

Our new short film - FREIGHT
The small team of us have put a lot of effort and love into this one! We had a blast through the adventure of creating this short!
If you are interested in how all this was made, and who are badass talents behind this, check out all the links below and credits!

A story of emotional weight one carries within, and the hardships when striving to rid oneself of it.

Directed by – Sava Zivkovic
Written by – Sava Zivkovic, Milan Nikolic, Nebojsa jez
Art Direction / Concept Design – Milan Nikolic
Character Artist – Antonio Esparza
Asset Artist – Mihailo Radosevic
Rigging – Borna Berc / Bunker VFX
Motion Capture / Character Animation – Take One
Motion Capture Performance by – Nebojsa Jez
Environments / Rendering / Compositing – Sava Zivkovic
Original Score by – Iz Svemira
Sound Design – Echoic


FREIGHT - Process

Milan nikolic character final milan nikolic

Freight Character FInal Concept

Milan nikolic character close milan nikolic 1

Freight Character FInal Concept

Milan nikolic freight char wip milan nikolic

Freight Character Concept Sculpt

FREIGHT - Character 3D Concept Sculpt

Milan nikolic 13 1

Final Character Model by Antonio Esparza

Milan nikolic 29 16
Milan nikolic 29 5 1
Milan nikolic wall prop milan nikolic

Wall Prop Concept Design

Milan nikolic case prop milan nikolic

Case Prop Concept Design

Milan nikolic plato final milan nikolic

Floor Cocnept

Milan nikolic environment
Milan nikolic tunel milan nikolic
Milan nikolic sc01 contact sheet milan

Scene 1, Overpaint

Milan nikolic sc02 contact sheet milan

Scene 2, Overpaint

Milan nikolic sc03 contact sheet milan

Scene 3. Overpaint

Milan nikolic sc03 contact sheet part02 milan

Scene 4, Overpaint

Milan nikolic 30 1

Poster 1

Milan nikolic 30 2

Poster 2

Milan nikolic 22 5

Sava Zivkovic, Nebojesa Jez (Iz Svemira) and Milan Nikolic

Milan nikolic 31