IFCC 2017 Main Titles Animation Concepts

Main Titles for the IFCC 2017 Concept Art Conference. An extremely ambitious project, only made possible by the collaboration between close friends, and the passion for what we do. The Film takes you on a metaphorical Journey towards self-discovery.
Direction/Animation - Sava Živković
Music/Sound Design - Iz Svemira
Story - Sava Živković, Nebojša Jež, Milan NIkolić
Concept Art - Milan NIkolić
Character Artist - Mihailo Radošević
Vehicle Artist - Nenad Merzel
Graphic Design - Nebojša Jež
Motion Capture - Take One
Special Thanks to Sitni Sati and Allegorithimic

IFCC 2017 Main Titles

IFCC 2017 Process